Will Mirror Bingo Be a Hit?

The Daily Mirror had launched Mirror Bingo in 2014 as its official bingo site. The site seemed to be a success even before its launch since it was supported by PlayTech’s Virtue Fusion software along with the popular brand name attached to it.

Usability and Experience of Mirror Bingo

Mirror Bingo gives an “easy to understand and play” design to its users, just like most of the other bingo games launched by newspapers. The design might not appear to be too attractive or jazzy, however, it provides easy usability to its players.

The easy layout fulfills the need of a player to play the game, but it does lack some attention-grabbing features.

Functionality of Mirror Bingo

The game has one exclusive bingo room names “Pennies from Heaven” which gives the player an opportunity to win free bingo games, some free bonus offers and three free bingo sessions.

There is also a slot game which provides the player some features and games. These unique features may not be available in any other online casino games.

Mirror Bingo does have a few glitches. The lobby room of the game has numerous exclusive rooms which are eventually connected to other gaming sites.

Promotions and Offers at Mirror Bingo

Mirror Bingo offers a wide range of offers and bonuses as compared to other gaming sites. The player can pick and choose from a variety of offers and each offer provides something unique to the user.

There are also some high value giveaways distributed the site. These promotions might be attractive for most gamers and would help retain their attention.

Help and Support by Mirror Bingo

Like every other online game, Mirror Bingo has three ways to support its customers. The three main modes of connecting with Mirror Bingo’s support team are email, live chat and phone call.

Out of the three options, live chat seems to be the most convenient option for a player, however, this option may not be the most viable option. The live chat feature of Mirror Bingo seemed to be unavailable sometimes.

Apart from the above three options, Mirror Bingo provides its users a wide set of FAQs which may prove to be helpful in case a player really needs it.

The site also has a comprehensive guide for new players.

Compatibility with Devices of Mirror Bingo Site

Mirror Bingo has a fairly decent app for iOS users. The games can be accessed through this app without much hindrance. However, the app is not available for Android users.

The game site also does not seem to be responsive to other devices. Hence, if the player is accessing through his mobile phone, he might face some trouble.

Some of the promotional offers are also unavailable for mobile users. Therefore, the game is not recommended for a user who would access it through his/ her mobile device frequently.

Transactions: Payments and Withdrawals

Mirror Bingo has various options to make transactions. One can make payments via credit/ debit cards, PayPal and other e-wallet options. Some e-wallet options may not be available, however, the most popular ones are supported by the system and it should not be much of a problem for the players.


Overall the site seems to be fairly attractive and engaging for the player. It does have a few drawbacks like the compatibility issues with mobile devices, however, the promotions and high value giveaways may help attract and then retain the users.

The easy usability of the site without any extra eye grabbing designs may actually prove to be a point of attraction for players who look for simplicity and would just like to play the game.

To sum it up, bingo and Mirror Bingo is worth a try!

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