Top 10 Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game based mostly on chance due to winning in bingo is not exactly through a given strategy. When playing with the aim to win Bingo games frequently, there is no one set of rules or techniques to assure this outcome. However, there are a few tips that can help the player to increase the percentage of winning. These tips apply to both online bingo and in land based bingo games.

Tip 1:

Choose the bingo games you play in. Meaning the more populated the bingo hall, the less chance of winning as it is more like majority of people will have similar numbers. Keep an eye out for bingo halls that are more remote if winning is your aim of the game.

Tip 2:

Try to gain as many Bingo experiences as possible, ranging from joining bingo clubs and conversing with other bingo members to participating in small town bingo games. This way you are not winning prizes but gaining the knowledge to help you get that win eventually ad be more accurate with bingo card choices.

Tip 3:

Always try to read any reviews of bingo halls and online bingo casinos. Make sure you do the background research to your benefit. Many places can working in a scam like way and not hand over the prize to the winner. As with online bingo casinos, some less well known casino sites may work with fraud and take your money but not cash out. Always look for frequently reviewed, high rated, well reputable casinos to play with and you should have no problems.

Tip 4:

When scrolling through reviews for online bingo casinos, always check out the bonuses they offer. Many sites now offer New Welcome Bonuses and no deposit bonuses. These are great ways to try to win extra cash, even if you are a beginner.

Tip 5:

In an actual bingo hall, it is always recommended when choosing bingo cards to always pick the cards that cost a little extra. They may cost extra but also a bigger winning percentage comes with the extra cost.

Tip 6:

You may find this next tip a strange one but in actual fact keeping your bingo cards to a minimum can help you win. This is due to the fact with less cards it is easier and faster to realise whether you have winning numbers or not. A lot of people tend to not even realise they have won due to having too many cards in their hands.


Tip 7:

As a counter measure, you should be flexible with card buying. During certain games, having a vast array of bingo cards actually is more beneficial than just one. Regarding to Tip 2, this instinct will start to become natural.

Tip 8:

An exercise that should be practised during Bingo should be double checking your numbers and making sure they correspond with called out numbers.

Tip 9:

During actual Bingo games in bingo halls, always keep an eye out for bonus balls being called out. They are coloured differently and carry bonus points and can give the chance of winning extra prizes.

Tip 10:

Always remember, even when you are on a winning streak, when to continue playing to win and when to stop yourself from losing too much.

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