Popular Online Bingo Variations

Bingo is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, where people regularly go to bingo halls and also online casinos to play. Online bingo is getting to be particularly popular with gamblers not just because it is more accessible (after all, you can play it online at any time and from any place of your choice), but also because there are so many bingo variations available for you to choose from. Each of these variants is great fun to play and you will also find that they give you more opportunities to win extra money.

The other benefit of playing bingo online is that you don’t have to take the trouble of dabbing the numbers as they are called out, or indeed, keeping track if you have won a prize. The bingo site will do the needful for you and notify you of the win, as and when it takes place.

The different types of online bingo variations are as follows:

90 Ball Bingo: One of the Most Popular Bingo Variations

This variation of bingo is played with ticket that has a 9×3 grid. Prizes are given only on the horizontal lines. Since there only three horizontal lines on the ticket, you can only hope to win three prizes in this game. These are the 1 line prize followed by the 2 line prize, and of course, the full house when you manage to mark all the numbers arranged on your ticket. As a result, the game also gets over very quickly.

Some bingo sites also have 90 ball speed rooms which, as the name indicates, is much faster than ordinary 90 ball bingo. Keep in mind that in case more than one person win a prize, then the prize money will have to be shared.

75 Ball Bingo: One of the Interesting Bingo Variations to Try Out

This game is played on a ticket that has a 5×5 layout. Of the 25 squares that make up the grid, the middle one is termed ‘free’. It is indicated with a star. This square is then considered to be marked right at the onset. You can win 5 prizes in this game as well as the full house.

In a 75 ball bingo game, all the lines have to follow the orientation of the first one. This means that they can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. If you get the line called first then you will win a line prize. The 75 ball room also has ‘Mixed Bag’ games. Here the prizes are assorted, and not awarded in the usual increasing amounts leading up to the full house.

75 Ball Variant Bingo: A Bingo Variation of 75 Ball Bingo Game

This is a type of bingo in which tickets take the form of strips of three. Each has all 75 numbers listed out. These games are generally very costly, at €1 per ticket. These bingo games, therefore, have the largest prize pools and the biggest jackpots.

Bingo players in the United Kingdom have a marked fondness for 90 Ball Bingo. They don’t really play the other bingo variations as much. However, hybrid games are also becoming very popular these days. These are bingo games that have features of slots or even scratchcard games and are therefore very exciting. Games like bingo roulette are also very popular with bingo players and gamers alike. These hybrid games are extremely fast paced. It’s possible for you to know the outcome of the game within a few seconds of playing it.

There are plenty of sites where you can play bingo in all of its variations. Take the time out to select a site that matches your gambling preferences. If you enjoy gambling using your smartphone, then make sure that you choose a site that is optimised for your device.

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