New Jersey Online Gambling – Fabulous Bingo Action at SugarHouseCasino

People tend to think that bingo is lame when compared to other types of gambling, but New Jersey-facing SugarHouseCasino has a big surprise in store for its players in the form of a brand new variation of 90-ball bingo. The game in question is known as Empire Action and it’s a great for anyone who wants really fast paced gaming. In fact, it is quite different from other 90-ball games apart from the basics.

Empire Action starts off like all other games in its category in that it does feature 90 balls that are called completely at random so that players can see if they fit a pattern in order to win prizes. However, the similarity to other Bingo games ends there since Empire Action is an individual game and not a group game. It is very fast paced and there is very little downtime from one game to the other. As a matter of fact, you might even say that the game is a lot like Keno and not traditional Bingo.

Players get four cards at the start of each game. Each card has 15 numbers spread over five columns and three rows. 30 randomly selected balls then appear on the screen with practically no break between each call. If there is a win then it will be highlighted on the players’ cards in red. There are eight patterns that can give wins, and the computer identifies them and gives out the payouts. The smallest wins happen when single lines are completed, and players get 4 times their bet. A backout can result in a payout that’s 500 times the wager. The payouts are given as soon as the calls are all done.

Players who want additional excitement can buy seven extra bonus pay lines. They are quite costly and also not particularly easy to hit, but they have very high bonus multipliers. In all, the game offers an extremely volatile gambling experience.

Empire Action Not Without Problems! Is it Affecting SugarHouseCasino?

Many players have pointed out that Empire Action has a problem with its software that can be quite annoying. Any player who activates the bonus pay line will not be able to get back to the normal play easily. In fact, people playing on most browsers have had the same experience. They complain that it is not possible to solve the problem even by logging off and even if they clear the browser cache. In other words, players who activate the bonus feature might find themselves stuck with it for good. This problem will definitely have to be solved with a software update or people will stop playing the game.

The game accepts a range of wagers including $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, and $0.20. Players can also bet a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 units at a time. Players who choose to play the regular game can place minimum bets of $0.04 and going all the way up to $10. People who play with the bonus pay lines have a range of bets from $0.14 to $35.
Empire Action has a return-to-player of 96.44% which is really very high when compared to other video bingo products and is actually like the return of slot games. The game is available for iOS and Android play. The game is not without drawbacks but it is still worth playing.

What We Think of SugarHouseCasino

SugarHouseCasino is not a lot like other online casinos. It offers a very unique gambling experience since it features games that are quite different from the ones offered by other casinos. This helps it stand out in the highly competitive and crowded online gambling business. In spite of it being around for only six months or so.

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