Dundee Man Goes Home With £2,500 Bingo Win

Jack Law, a resident of Dundee, had a lucky break at a game of bingo when he won a not inconsiderable sum of £2,501.62 at a nationwide game. The 44-year-old has been a regular bingo player over the past decade or so, but he’s never won a prize as big as this so far. Law was playing the hugely popular National Bingo Game when he realized that 47 of his numbers were called out. He was playing at the Adult Gaming Centre, a busy Cashino venue, located on Dundee’s High Street when he called ‘house’.

While Mr. Law no doubt celebrates his unexpected windfall, the people at Cashino are also very happy on account of the win because this is the first time a customer of theirs has won a nationwide prize. In fact, Jack also said that he was very happy that the National Bingo Game had finally come to Cashino and that he had the opportunity to participate in it at his favourite gambling venue.

Jack Law From Dundee Enjoyed Playing at Cashino

The lucky winner said that he enjoyed the fun ambience at Cashino. Especially because the employees there were very cooperative and friendly. Besides, he has also made friends with a few of the regular players there. More often than not, he came frequently for the company rather than for the prizes. In any case, he had won a couple of quids now and then while playing. That used to add to the overall fun. He intends to continue playing bingo at the same venue and is keeping his fingers crossed that Lady Luck will smile at him again!

Jack was congratulated on his win by the venue’s manager James Grant. Grant went on to say that Cashino had become associated with the National Bingo Game in the second half of 2015. He also pointed out that this was the first national bingo prize won at a place that wasn’t a traditional bingo hall. Needless to say, the team at Cashino would also be celebrating the milestone.

Bingo Popular in Dundee and All Over the UK

The National Bingo Game is extremely popular with players across the United Kingdom. Especially because they like the experience of playing against thousands of other players from different parts of the country. A multiple bingo game that has been around from 1986, it is operated by the National Bingo Association. The game is played twice a day across 200 different bingo establishments. They include halls and clubs spread across the country. The only day it doesn’t operate is Christmas Day. It gives out really big prizes from time to time. The biggest ever was a whopping £1.3 million that was won by some lucky player way back in 2008.

Cashino belongs to the Praesepe Group of companies. It is one of the most established gaming organisations in the country with a good reputation in the industry. The company operates a wide network of gambling shops that include 8 Beacon Bingo clubs and 170 Cashino gaming centres. They are spread across different parts of the United Kingdom. The company also operates eight family entertainment centres situated at different seaside locations in the UK. It is headquartered in Milton Keynes and has more than 1,600 people on its payroll as of now.

The Praesepe Group of companies also does its bit for the community by raising much-needed funds for charitable causes. One of the organizations that it supports is CHIPS. This charity is associated with the UK gaming industry. It buys specialised powered wheelchairs for young people with severe disability who do not qualify for NHS support for some reason. Due to this they can have increased mobility.

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