Camelford Bingo Organisers Raise Funds for Local Charities

Well known Camelford couple Joan and Roy Starling are organisers of popular charity bingo events to benefit local causes. They recently helped raise money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust and two other beneficiaries. In what was termed their last charity bingo night, they ensured that the Air Ambulance Trust received £500 whereas the Little Harbour Children’s Hospice received £1,000 and another £500 went to the Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary. The event took place at Clease Hall, Camelford’s community facility and was attended by a wide range of local residents who were eager to do something for important causes while also having a great deal of fun in the process.

Tragedy-Struck Camelford Couple’s Regular Contribution

The Starlings have held these bingo nights regularly for 12 years and they have supported a wide range of deserving local causes during this period. However, their association with the Air Ambulance goes back much longer due to a tragic accident on Western Road, Launceston that took the life of their son Craig.

The Starling’s youngest boy who was 15 at the time, Craig was ferried by the air ambulance to hospital after the serious road accident, but he did not survive in spite of the best efforts of the air crew and of the doctors. In fact, the air ambulance took him to hospital just seven minutes after picking him up from the accident site. The couple has since then tried to do their best for the air ambulance in return for all the support and help it had given them. They used to conduct charity events in Launceston when they lived there.

Lots of Support for Local Charities in Camelford

The charity bingo nights organised by Joan and Roy Starling haven’t just raised a lot of money for the air ambulance over the years. They have also supported a fair number of local charities looking after a number of causes. This year, for instance, £500 went to the Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary. It would help feed and care for the moorland ponies and horses rescued by the sanctuary. Mr Pip Lovelock of the sanctuary said that the donation was much larger than they expected.  It had come during winter when the horses and ponies would be at their neediest. Incidentally, the organisation also provided rescued riding horses with a safe home. Over the years the couple has helped raise money for cancer charities and also for Camelford Christmas Lights.

Sadly, Joan and Roy Starling will no longer hold the charity bingos events at Camelford’s Clease Hall. Since they are getting along in years they don’t feel that they will be able to manage these events in the way that they have to be done even though locals have urged them to stay on. The local community will be happy to hear that the couple is currently in talks with two ladies to take over the events.

The Starling Couple Continue to Support the Camelford Community

The Starlings aren’t completely relinquishing their responsibility to the local community. Roy admitted that he had just bought 6,000 books. This was in addition to a new machine, which means that he won’t be giving up on it entirely. They won’t be organising such bingo nights in the future. But they will definitely step in to hold a couple of these events once in a while.

The couple also said that their efforts would not have been possible without the support and love of local residents. They thanked their well wishers for the help they had given them over the years. Roy and Joan Starling said that their intention to help the local community wasn’t over by far. They would continue their efforts to help local charities.

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