Calhoun County Bingo Hall Reopens, Issues Put to Rest

I-20 Bingo started its operations in Hobson City, Calhoun County this Friday after a hiatus of almost a year. The bingo hall had shut down in March last year because of certain licensing issues with the municipality. Kim Payne, the manager of the hall admitted that the process of getting started was a time consuming and difficult one, but also that it was worth the effort since I-20 Bingo would not be shut down again now that all the legalities were addressed, no matter how complicated they were.

Starting Bingo Operations in Calhoun County is Tough

It certainly isn’t easy to start a bingo operation in Calhoun County. For that matter, in any other part of Alabama as many other operators have found out to their dismay. Quite a few bingo halls were launched over the past few years. But they were shut down quickly by the sheriff. According to Payne, the operator first has to have a worthwhile charity that the Calhoun County Regulatory Commission agrees upon, after which the operator needs to get permission from the local regulatory commissions. After that, they also need municipality permission to run the bingo hall.

Friday evening’s launch of I-20 Bingo was welcomed by many local residents. One of them, Carol Hobbs, said that she was very happy to see the venue open again after its forced closure. She said out that she’s a fan of the place and has been coming here for years to play bingo. She particularly enjoys the family atmosphere of the place.

I-20 Bingo will operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the games will start at 5:00 pm.

Benefit to the local community in Calhoun County

The local community certainly stands to benefit from the re-launched bingo hall. The others might open in the future. The ones to get the maximum benefit are local charities since they are the direct beneficiaries of the operations. The municipality also earns money in licensing fees. Bingo is a very popular activity in different parts of the world. Many people take part in not only to win money, but also to have a great time in the company of others. However, people also win quite a bit of money playing this game, and it has made quite a few fortunes.

The Calhoun County Bingo Commission has been at loggerheads with a number of bingo operators. They claim that it has gone back on its commitments to them. There have been quite a few instances of companies having to shut down their bingo halls after they put a lot of money into infrastructure and marketing. This in spite of being given all the permissions to do so.

Not a Smooth Ride for This Calhoun County Bingo Hall

There have also been many organizations that find the process of starting a bingo hall to be very cumbersome. Smaller outfits that want to start bingo to benefit their charitable activities are put off by the paperwork required. Esecially since they do not have the resources to follow up with municipal authorities.

The opening of the bingo hall hasn’t been free of negative repercussions. Quite a few locals have spoken out against the opening of a bingo hall in a residential area. People who live in the vicinity of I-20 Bingo say that it will make the place very crowded. They are dreading a lot of pedestrians and vehicular traffic that will continue late into the night. It is very clear to see that gambling continues to have a few opponents in any place.

I-20 Bingo is all set to be a big success in Hobson City. It is sure to bring in lots of players every weekend. The bingo hall is very clearly here to stay, having put all legal issues behind it for good!

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