Bongo’s Bingo Reaches London on 24 February

London finally gets to see what Bongo’s Bingo is all about when the hugely popular show takes place there on the 24th of February. The event is a mind boggling cross between traditional bingo, and of all things, a techno rave, and its popularity is increasing in leaps and bounds. The London event is booked at the Clapham Grand and it is already sold out long ahead of the actual day.

Presented by madcap promoter Jonny Bongo, this event has already been conducted in seven cities all over the United Kingdom. The last event was at Liverpool and it was a huge success with 5,000 tickets being sold.

Rave Bingo by Bongo’s Bingo a Big Hit!

Bingo is no doubt very popular in the United Kingdom, but one would hardly use words like wildness and mayhem to describe it before Bongo’s Bingo came on the scene. However, these are the exact words you would use if you turned up at one of these events. It is clear that Jonny Bongo has managed to come up with something that’s completely new and unique while also being highly entertaining.

As inconceivable as a rave bingo might seem, its amazing popularity indicates that people were waiting for something like it. It is safe to say, however, that you are unlikely to see any little old ladies turning up for these bingo nights because of all the madness that goes on.

The prizes aren’t very large at rave bingo events, but then people get to enjoy dance sessions or the occasional live performance in between games. They are clearly here to have a blast and of course, win some money if possible!

Rave Bingo is very clearly meant for younger people, and this is really an excellent way to bring more people into the Bingo fold.

Bingo Changing With the Times and Bongo’s Bingo Leads the Way

Interestingly, the younger generation of bingo players has been going online to play this game instead of visiting bingo halls. Online bingo sites have long been focusing on offering new and varied experiences. Online bingo sites have long offered multiple versions of the game, with the ones based upon television shows such as ‘Deal or No Deal’ or ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ seeing a lot of activity. Besides, they also launch a host of promotions to keep players coming back for more. This is, no doubt, a great way to play more with less money.

Players at bingo sites can try out other games like slots, roulette, baccarat and the like. When they want a break from bingo, other games prove to be a boon. They can do all of this without having to step out of their homes. Online bingo has even managed to provide players with the social element. It’s a major component of land-based bingo, but now it takes place via online chat. Some sites also feature live bingo hosted by expert presenters who know how to keep the mode going.

Bingo is clearly able to keep pace with changing demographics as the numbers of players indicate. Approximately 1.9 million people play this game every month in the United Kingdom. Its popularity has actually managed to eclipse that of tennis. Online operators have also been very savvy with their promotional campaigns. They have managed to rope in brand ambassadors who appeal to younger players. By using social media, they are able to spread the word. In fact, social media marketing isn’t just cost effective. It also helps give the website a very young and energetic feel.

Bongo’s Bingo Here to Stay

There are many more Bongo’s Bingo events lined up for the months ahead, with popular entertainers headlining the events. Going by the way tickets are being picked up, this type of bingo is no flash in the pan!

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