Bingo Players Not Necessarily Motivated by Cash

Tahlequah, a small town in Oklahoma located at the foothills of the Ozarks, has two separate bingo halls where bingo players can try their luck at the prizes on offer. These are the Tahlequah Senior Citizens Center and the Tri-Community (WEB) Association. Interestingly, the hotly contested prizes do not go higher than $5 in value! It is clear to see that people who take part in the bingo nights do so for the fun of it and not necessarily to win any valuable prizes. There’s also the thought of contributing towards a charitable cause via one’s bingo tickets.

Bingo Session at WEB Welcome Bingo Players Every Thursday

Take the WEB, for instance. It is located in Tahlequah’s South 580 Road. It has been working towards providing a clean environment for three local communities, which are Welling, Eldon and Briggs. The members of this organisation get together every first Thursday, starting at 6:00 pm, to play bingo and raise money to further their aims. As a matter of fact, the bingo sessions are open to the public and they do bring in many participants who are not part of the club, taking the night’s tally of participants to over 50.

WEB’s president J.R. Sellers was quick to point out that the bingo evenings brought in enthusiastic family participants. In fact, most people bring their children along as well to have a great time. The WEB bingo also has a kid’s corner. They have a selection of inexpensive toys that the kids can choose from. The bingo evenings are very popular with kids. Not surprisingly then that they attract more younger participants than the WEB’s other fundraisers.

Bingo Players Contribute Towards the Prize

People interested in taking part in bingo events of the WEB have to bring in a gift worth $5. They also need to buy two cards that cost a total of $5. There isn’t really any restriction on what gifts can be purchased. While some people bring toys for kids, other bring home supplies which can also include toilet paper. In other words, it’s the kind of stuff that one would get at a Dollar General store.

The Tahlequah Senior Citizens Center, on the other hand, runs its bingo during the day time. Its centre is located on the East First Street. It is a very popular place for senior citizens since it has many options for them to check out. The bingo happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it starts at 10 am. There is very active participation at the games, with people arguing over the gifts!

Lots of local seniors come to this Center to have a meal and to socialise with others. The Senior Citizen Center’s manager Cindy Vaughn pointed out an interesting aspect. She said that the hot meals available here were a popular option for people who don’t like to cook.

Bingo Players Love Company and Entertainment

The bingo games at the TSCC and the WEB aren’t really meant for avid bingo enthusiasts since they don’t offer huge prizes. They are very low key events when compared to the ones at major gambling halls. The purpose of these games is very clearly to get people to interact with each other in a family environment. Also to help raise funds for locally relevant charitable causes.

Bingo is actually a very beneficial activity for the elderly as many reliable studies have indicated. Doctors and caregivers at retirement homes testify to the fact that bingo helps keep people mentally alert without causing them any physical stress at all. The friendly atmosphere at the bingo games is also very good for the emotional health of the participants. Bingo is, therefore, quite different from other gambling games. The municipal authorities don’t really have a problem with it as long as the operator conforms to regulations.

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