Bingo FAQs

There are a lot of frequently asked questions with regards of setting up at Bingo sites and how they work, although some websites may vary slightly…here are general questions answered!

How do I register?

Registering is usually very simple and straight forward. Usually you just click the Join Now link on the home page, then fill in the form on the registration page. It should only ever takes a few minutes and is never too tedious.

Why are credit card details taken when I register?

When you register you can be asked for your credit card details. This is because websites need to verify your identity. No actual money will be taken from your account unless you deposit money later on before playing.

Do I have to download software?

Nowadays you don’t have to download any software with leading Bingo Websites. This means it’s as simple as playing straight after you have registered with the chosen Bingo site. Some websites may request that you download Flash version 8 if you do not attain it already. This is for the quality of the gaming.

How Do I Log In?

Most Bingo websites are very simple, they usually attain a log in box at the top of every page on the website. Just have your username and password ready and then you can access your details, play games and deposit or withdraw money.

If I forget my password, what should I do?

Nowadays it is still just as secure but very simple to rectify if you have forgotten your password. There is always a ‘Forgot My Password’ link under the log in box at the top of every page on the website. You go from there when they give you instructions. If you are still encountering trouble, there is always a customer service team to get onto in the ‘Contact’ link.

How do I deposit money into my account?

Making a deposit into your should be easy. So once you have registered yourself to a chosen Bingo site, click on the ‘Deposit Now’ link on your ‘My Account’ page. You will be given instructions to follow and depositing money is complete within minutes.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

In general all Bingo sites have the same minimum deposit, depending on what currency the site uses it is usually 5 or £5. Always check the site you are interested in as this may vary.

How do the transactions appear on my bank account?

Deposits and withdrawals from the chosen Bingo site will have a certain reference title on your bank statements. It will be clear and concise what money is going in and out from the Bingo site.

Can I withdraw the money I won with my free welcome bonus?

Every site varies so please check the terms and conditions of the site you have chosen.

How long will it take to make a withdrawal into my account?

On average, most sites tend to get the money processed and into your account within 7-8 days but at the very latest it has been recorded of two weeks.

Can I exclude myself at any point?

If you feel at any time that playing Bingo in general or playing at a certain site is getting too much for you or you are spending too much money then there is always an option to suspend your account. Sometimes to suspend your account you will need to do so via a Customer Support Team. Once you get in contact with the Customer Support Team, you give them the remaining amount of time you would like your account to be active for.

How can I contact the Customer Support Team?

On every website there is a link usually saying ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Customer Support’, click on either and you should be able to fulfil your request.

Is it legal to play Bingo Online in Ireland?

Online Bingo is legal to play in the R.O.Ireland and gambling in itself is legal. With that being said, that does not go for all Bingo websites. Please check with the chosen website whether or not you are in a restricted territory and whether the site is licensed to run in R.O.I. . We have a list of the registered gambling companies here on our site. Click here to see the list.

Will my personal details be safe?

Players security is taken very seriously with all leading Bingo sites that have high reviews and highest traffic. Most use certain technologies to ensure banking details and any personal details you give are completely safe. This is done by an encrypted method and is made impossible for people to gain access to your confidential personal and banking details.

Are online Bingo games fair?

All leading Bingo websites use the Random Number Generator (RNG) system which ensures random results. This system has been tested many times over before been proven to be random.

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