Bingo Calls Go Modern at Mecca Bingo

Players at Mecca Bingo are in for a major surprise when they encounter the newly changed rhyming calls selected by the site. The popular bingo company which has 85 clubs spread all over the United Kingdom has come to this decision in order to bring the calls up to date. After all, the calls currently in use have been around since the 1950s.

Modern Bingo Calls at Mecca Bingo Attract a Younger Crowd

Bingo has always been associated with older crowds, and this could act as a deterrent to younger players from joining in. The game has seen an upsurge in younger players, and therefore it needs to take measures to lock them in. Mecca Bingo itself has seen the number of players in the age group 18-24 double over the past three years to touch 16%. Considering that it gets 11 million visits annually, the number of young players is indeed massive.

It’s therefore about time that the game gets a makeover to appeal to younger players. However, it has to be admitted that even long time Bingo players are looking for a change. The general consensus is that the existing calls have become boring and predictable and that they would like something new to jazz up the games.

Mecca Bingo certainly hasn’t spared any effort to update its bingo calls and make them more interesting. The company had included its customers in this exercise and had asked launched a campaign on social media to get people to make fun and relevant suggestions. The results have been quite entertaining to say the least.

The Updated Bingo Calls at Mecca Bingo

Gamblers at Mecca Bingo rooms will now listen out for calls that are outrageous and fresh at the same time. Take the number Eight, for instance. It used to be called the Garden Gate, a relatively staid name, but it will soon be Tinder Date, after the well-known dating app. Six, which used to be Tom Mix, a silent movie star now long forgotten, will now be Little Mix after the popular all girl music group that won the X-factor prize. The number Eighty Eight will no longer be called ‘two fat ladies’. Instead it will be known as Moobs, for man boobs!

Even so, some of the calls suggested by customers might not be adopted. This is because the older ones still work very well. Take 25, for instance. Its current call is ‘duck and dive’ which doesn’t really make much sense but it’s a popular cockney rhyme. The plan to change it to Adele, after the British singer’s immensely popular third album somehow doesn’t seem a lot of fun. On the other hand, the number 22 will do very well with ‘I don’t know about you’. This call is instead of the current ‘two little ducks’. Due to the song’s its association with Taylor Swift, it’s bound to ne a hit.

Bingo Players are Appreciative of Mecca Bingo

The number 15 has had its politically incorrect call ‘young and keen’ changed to ‘dabbing machine’. Many people will agree that it’s about time this has happened! Incidentally, the dabbing machine in question refers to the marker pen. It is used by bingo players to mark numbers as and when they are called.

There are quite a few references to social media as well, as is only to be expected! The number 48 will no longer be called ‘four dozen’ and will instead be called ‘tag a mate’. The number 17 changes from ‘dancing queen’ to ‘selfie queen’

The company will be running trial sessions with the new bingo calls. They plan to experiment during the month of January to see how customers respond to them. However, these names are definitely going to be adopted. They are certainly going to add to the fun of the bingo sessions.

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